Friday, March 26, 2010

Guys and Dolls}Havana

I think the Havana scene was one of my favorites in the show, and not just because Tessa was the star of it.  It was just a fun, energetic scene.  Who doesn't like a fight scene!

Tessa looked tall and elegant - where did she get those legs??

She is getting quite famous at Westview for her splits - last year in Joseph and again this year!

And then she steals the other girls guy....trouble!

Girl Fight!!

El Cafe Cubano!


Lane and Chelsea said...

Leigh Anne!!!

I wanted to tell you thank you for the blanket! It is SO cute! I absolutely love it! My new favorite!! Thank you so much!!


Tamara said...

What super pictures, Leigh Anne! Love being a part of the action!