Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Fun Weekend

This weekend was the official start of our Spring Break.

Friday night was the Pine Wood Derby so Jim was there (he's the Cub Committee Chairman), Tessa went to a friend's dogs funeral (yes a dog) and then came home and watched Time Traveler's Wife with me before before going over to a friend's house to hang out for a while.

Since Tessa is flying to Utah on Monday to spend the week with her siblings we wanted to have a little fun with her before she left.

Saturday Jim and I got up and went out to breakfast, Tessa chose sleep over food.  We had taken a few weeks off from our breakfast adventures due to being out of town, the musical etc but it was a perfect, sunny spring day!

We went to Besaw's, a Portland cafe that has been around since 1903!

We sat outside for a bit reading the paper waiting for a table and it was so beautiful!

Jim was a good boy and had a nice low glycemic breakfast with eggs, bacon and a little fresh fruit.

I was not quite so good, but not terrible! I had a yummy oatmeal pancake wih maple syrup. So good I came home and found a recipe to duplicate them . We had them for breakfast this morning, Sunday, and they were delicious. Recipe coming soon on the blog!

After breakfast we went back home and picked up Tessa and our friends Larry and Marsha and headed over to the Cooper Mountain Nature Park for a hike in our beautiful weather.
This was the lovely view we had.
There were various pieces of sculpture along the trail.

They had fun playing with this one - Jim actually yoddled into it! We thought maybe he could use it to help improve his hearing instead of a hearing aid!

You could actually put your ear up to it and it magnified the sounds of the birds etc.
Larry got in on the fun too!
We stopped at a view point and soaked in some Vitamin D!
After our hike Tessa and I headed over to the IMAX theater to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D - it was so fun.  We loved it, especially Alice's different dresses!  From there we went to the mall to pick up a few things for her trip to Utah and to try out the new frozen yogurt place - yum!!

Tessa had a babysitting job Saturday night and Jim watched the BYU baskeball game.  After that Jim and I headed over to the ward St. Patrick's Day activity for a while.  I think everyone there was dressed in green except for Jim - guess he didn't get the memo that it was a St. Patrick's party! 

All in all a very fun day!

Earlier in the week Tessa had a choir concert. So cute with her new haircut!


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Tamara said...

Am looking forward to the pancake recipe. Hope dear Tess has had a blast in Provo with her siblings. We know she has! Thanks for keeping us posted!