Monday, February 15, 2010

A holiday weekend

Our long weekend:  I think we ate our way through the weekend!  I'm starting a low glycemic eating regime on Tuesday so I was enjoying myself over the weekend!

Friday night - Olympics for Jim, costume sewing for LA and high school basketball game for Tessa.

Saturday - Breakfast adventures for Jim and Leigh Anne at Jam on Hawthorne.  Yummy lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote and maple syrup!
Tessa got up early for a Girl's Camp meeting.
After breakfast Jim did some rose pruning and then we went to the theater work party at the high school.
I did some sewing, Jim worked on the set.
I was also in charge of the work party lunch that day.  I did it with a friend - we had a chili bar, with cornbread, fritos, cheese and sourcream toppings.  A yummy spinach/fruit salad and texas sheet cake for dessert.

Then it was home where Jim did more rose pruning

and I worked on my photography assignment for the week learning about depth of field.  I practiced on the flowers in the garden.  There is not a whole lot blooming yet but I managed to find a few things!

Tessa went to watch the high school cheerleading squad at the state competition ( they came in 2nd) and then went to dinner with some friends and over to someone's house to watch a movie.

Jim and I went out with our friends Larry and Marshsa for a burger at Helvetia Tavern.

Sunday was Valentine's Day!
We celebrated with warm fresh marmalade muffins in the morning

Then it was off to church.  I had a ward conference to attend.
If I do say so myself I outdid myself with our Valentine dinner!
We had rib eye steak with a yummy cream sauce, fresh asparagus, spinach/fruit salad.

with gooey cheesy olive bread too

and then I showed my real love and devotion to my Valentine.  I made mash potatoes.  You need to understand that I NEVER make mash potatoes.  We do have them at our house it's just that Jim or the girls always makes them.  I don't like them and think they are way too much work so if we have them someone else them.

I can't tell you how shocked Tessa and Jim both were to see mash potatoes on the table and neither one of them had to make them!!

Like I said - we ate our way through the weekend.
But my Valentine seemed to enjoy it!

and so did this cute valentine!

although we were all pretty full!

but we managed to save a little room for dessert - Red Velvet Cake - did I tell you I outdid myself!!!

Sunday evening was a little more Olympic watching for Jim and Tessa and I watched the final episode of the new BBC Emma.  Did anyone see it?  Some friends at church said that Emma reminded them of Cali!

A holiday weekend continued......more good eating!

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Tamara said...

Good for you that you have Jim trained so well to do the pruning. Your yard is gorgeous. . . . . .