Monday, February 15, 2010

The Holiday Weekend Continued

Monday was not a holiday for Jim - he went to work.

I got up fairly early for a holiday weekend and went to Physical Therapy.  They have given me a couple of cortisone treatments and they have helped.  It is a part time job just keeping my elbow iced one minute and heated up and massaged the next minute.  I'm giving it a couple of weeks and if it's not cleared up I'm going to give accupuncture a try!

After my phone appointment with my photography teacher (we do this every two weeks to discuss my assignment) Tessa and I went to lunch with our neighbors Debbie and Hannah.  It was a nice sunny day here in Portland so we headed down to the Pearl District.

We at lunch ate the Daily Cafe and enjoyed a high glycemic meal in preparation for my  Reset program that starts Tuesday!!  We even had dessert !

After lunch we did a little exploring - we went to Cargo. 

Not sure how to explain Cargo - but it is like a General Store on steroids.  There is a strong Asian influence to the store but they carry a little bit of everything and it is huge - you could spend days in the place!
They had everything.  Now I know what to do with all those old slides we have!

and if you are in the market for some chinese  chess pieces this is your place!
This place has everything.  Even things we have no idea what to do with!  A hat??

Hannah and Tessa found some treasures though - Spy glasses!!
They come in very handy.  All the way home they kept me informed on what was coming up behind me!  (The glasses have like a rear view mirror in them - just like you  have eyes in the back of your head.)

Such a fun place!  We can't wait to go back!!

 I found a fun book on eating and shopping in London that I bought for Cali. When they asked me if I wanted a bag I told them no - being the"green" environmentally conscious Oregonian that I am but then I saw their bags.  I went back in and told them I changed my mind - I wanted a bag!

They have them hand made in Indonesia out of newspaper for the store - love it!

A fun end to our holiday weekend!


Tamara said...

What a fun President's Day weekend for all of you. We are sad that we won't be able to come for Tess' next performance. We are leaving on March 14-25 for Arizona. Richard will come back on the 21st. With the Wilkes reunion in July, the Hogsett one in Michigan in August, Michael graduating and moving (doesn't know where yet), Christen moving (doesn't know where yet), and moving again Richard is out of vacation days. Darn. But please do keep us posted because we do want to come for one of them--maybe next year. Thanks for keeping us informed on all your fun things. Love your photography!

dawn said...

Cargo looks like fun, Ill have to check it out. The pancakes look yummy too.