Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Family Photos

During the two days we had everyone home in August we had our yearly family photo taken.

Of course there was some grumbling - "Didn't we just do this?"

My amazingly talented friend Meg (who is my partner on Homebased Portland) took them for me. She is also the one that took the beautiful photos of Tessa earlier this summer.

We went to downtown Beaverton and literally wandered up and down the street looking for fun places to pose. (Even in front of a dumpster!)

My favorite are the ones on the train tracks. Meg is a master of light.

They are not your "typical" family photos and Jim had to adjust to that a bit. They are much more "artsy" then he is use to but I love them!!

There were too many great shots to share them all so here are a few of our favorites....

After Meg took the photos of Jim and I she turned around and this is exactly how the kids looked - I love this photo!

So many fun ones - don't know how I will ever choose!!!


Lori said...

she does a great job. What fun pictures!

Tamara said...

What super pictures. I love all of them. Whichever one you choose will be great.