Saturday, June 6, 2009

This has been a fun and busy week having Logan home.

Tuesday evening. Jim, Logan and I went to the temple. Clark was too tired from working and he had Logan had gone golfing in the afternoon so he stayed home and went to bed since he had to get up at 3:30 a.m. the next morning.

This was a big dance week for Tessa - she had ballet Tuesday through Saturday with four performances. She is one tired girl!

Wednesday night was the end of the year choir concert. The Women's Chorus last number was 'I Like Being a Girl".

We all went but Clark snuck out after Tessa's choir sang. It is tradition that the last song of the last concert of the year is Irish Blessing - all alumni in attendance are invited to participate.

It was fun to see the 3 kids up there on stage singing together.

On Thursday it was a nice sunny day and Logan turned on the TV to see that all three main channels had stopped programming and were running a severe weather warning. There was a big wind/thunder/possible tornado storm coming our way. We looked outside and saw the sunshine and laughed. Within five minutes the storm moved in and we had major winds.

The winds were so hard they lifted the umbrella up out of our patio table and brought it crashing town - totally crushing the glass tabletop.

It was quite a mess to clean up. The storm only lasted 30 minutes or so but it sure made a mess! Guess we'll believe them next time!

Thursday morning Logan and I took a little trip down to the NW 23rd area and the Pearl. We had lunch at our favorite pizza place - Escape from NY Pizza - yum!!

We then went in search of the best cupcake in Portland - we visted 3 cupcake bakeries in Portland. I am going to do a fun post on the bakeries on so you will have to check it out there in a few days.

We found some fun and unusual cupcakes. The lavender lime were my least favorite - they tasted like we just bit into a bunch of lavender! But the Blueberry and Cream was yummy as were all of the others. We discovered that the little cupcake bakery just a few blocks from our house was as good as the fancier ones downtown in the Pearl area!

Cupcakes Jones down in the Pearl had the most unique flavors - S'mores with homemade marshmallow and graham cracker on top, creme brulee with some carmelized sugar on top and a few other fun ones!

We brought them all home and then had a taste testing party - this is all that was left!

Thursday evening we all went to Tessa's ballet recital. - will post pictures and videos of that in another post.

Friday Jim and Logan headed up to Seattle where Jim had an appointment and then they went to a Mariner's game - arriving home at 2 a.m. Tessa had another ballet performance and Cali worked and went to a friend's birthday party.

Saturday was such a busy day it deserves its own blog post - stay tuned!

Logan goes back to Provo tomorrow and I am already missing him.

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Emily said...

I am so glad you are enjoying all your time together!!! You really do have a beautiful family.