Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Favorite Week of the Year

I have found that if I sit in a specific spot on the deck off the master bedroom at the beach house, hold my computer in just the right spot and cross my legs I can get a somewhat strong enough Internet connection thanks to some neighbor's wireless network. Since the rest of the family and Cali's friend Kathryn are playing the second game of Ticket to Ride for the day and only five can I play I snuck out to do a blog post. I was having a bit of computer withdrawal.

As we arrived at the beach yesterday Tessa said "This is my favorite week of the year" I have to agree. We love our "Week at the Beach".

Tessa, Logan and I loaded up the suburban - well actually Logan and Jim loaded it up - and we headed out about 1:00 pulling the trailer full of bikes and stuff. I think we packed up half the house to come.
Jim waited until Cali was off of work at about 4:00 and they drove down. We miss you Clark but know you are having an amazing time. If you haven't checked out Clark's blog yet - please do so . Not only is he having some amazing experiences he is quite entertaining!

We enjoyed dinner our first night here at Mo's and then a walk on the beach - a little windy but beautiful!

There was some river jumping...

and some sand dune jumping....

and then just some walking...

We love our Manzanita beach - it really is beautiful!

Every time we come to the beach as we are driving down Hwy 101 and we come around the bend just outside of Manzanita and I see this view my heart is so happy! The kids love it too - we all just wait for that moment and you can hear everyone sigh as it comes into view - someone is always sure to say - There it is - our beach!

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