Monday, September 15, 2008

Point Shoe Home Decor

She said it again this week - those words that make me cringe every time I hear them..,

"Mom, I need a new pair of point shoes."

No one told me when I signed her up for ballet that not only did I need to add a line in the family budget for dance lessons but another one for point shoes!

At $75.00 bucks a pop point shoes don't come cheap! We are lucky though that Tessa doesn't seem to go through them as much as some dancers do - we can get 3 months out of a pair where some dancers get 6 weeks!

After dancing 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for part of the summer it was bound to happen -her shoes were trashed.

So Saturday off we went to Dance Togs for a new pair. Despite the cost - she looks so elegant and graceful in them - and SO TALL!!

I don't understand the whole fit thing with point shoes but fortunately Tessa does and the women who work at the store!

Well, I decided that with as much as I paid for these shoes they ought to have some other use! So we bought a distressed board with hooks at a vintage flea market and hung it in Tessa's room. It is now the home of all of Tessa's old point shoes - don't they look pretty!!!


Emily said...

Then there are those of us who wish we could add a line to the budget for ballet but have daughters who have yet to develop the grace that ballet requires. The shoes, shelf and Tessa all look beautiful!

Clark said...

I'm positive that Mom never would have spent even close to 75 dollars on a pair of football cleats for me and they lasted a year or two.

Michelle Wilkes said...

Love the ballet shoes, I saw those at the store where we buy Shakayla's dance shoes and decided to save her shoes to do the same thing with. Hers at least last 6 months, and only because she is growing like crazy!
Sorry, Clark, us moms are suckers for the girly stuff. If only Football cleats looked as cute hangning from ribbons...
Don't waste your life wishing you were a girl!