Monday, September 15, 2008

BYU Update

Well from the looks of Cali's Facebook page she is having a blast in college! Despite a little flooding this week in their dorm (3 inches on the 3rd floor that flowed down through light fixtures and walls to the other floors) all seems to be going well. (A broken toilet pipe)

Here are the girl's wringing out the some of the towels they used to mop up part of the mess.

We have also learned from her Facebook page that she went Body Surfing at a concert (So I had to ask her what this was!). It is when the crowd picks you up above their heads and passes you around!

She has made lots of friends in her dorm and seems to be having lots of fun with them - including some crazy dress up fashion shows!

We are missing our fun, energetic and loud Cali at our house. It is way too quiet around here. Tessa is adjusting to being an only child but disappears often to go hang out with Hannah - her other sister. Not sure what we'll do once Hannah goes away to school!

Tessa is back in ballet 3 days a week so that will keep her busy!

The boys are alive and well - Clark and Cali enjoyed the amazing BYU football game on Saturday! BYU vs. UCLA - 59 to nothing!! Cali kept her dad well informed during the game by texting him the score. At half time the score was 42 to nothing and Jim thought maybe Cali was just being dyslexic with her numbers but no - it really was 42 to nothing!!

Not sure what else Clark did this weekend as he didn't call his parents on Sunday to report in!!

Logan couldn't go to the game because of YA rehearsal! Poor Logan. Logan also called us last night to inform us that he and Becca had broken up. I am sure it is for the best but it made me sad. I have got to stop getting to know these girls and liking them. I feel like I'm breaking up too!

We know that all three kids were fed well on Sunday thanks to Emily and Wynn for having all the college kids over for dinner! We love you Emily and Wynn and are grateful for famiily that love us and care about us!

I'm not sure what is happening in this picture but I am thinking there may be some handicapped people around BYU missing something!


Emily said...

Wow we didn't get this much information at dinner. I guess I am going to have to get myself on facebook to keep track of Cali's social schedule. We had so much fun at dinner last night and you will be happy to know Clark was the life of the party! Very social, you would have been proud. We will have to compare notes as to who is going to be more upset by the break up, you or my kids. Of course that will require me getting the guts to break the news to my kids.

linda said...

With all of these pictures, it makes you wonder if they are getting any studying done doesn't it!?!

Oh no...a break up! I hate when that happens. My son when out with Ashley for 3 years and then they broke up. I was devastated! Did you see this coming at all? He's a handsome young man, I'm sure many girls are happy he's available again.

cali said...

that last picture is quite a story. A girl named lindsey on our hall is in a wheelchair. So during visiting hours she used her powerchair to pull us around in a long train! It was very fun going down hills.

The Wilkes Week said...


Thank you for clarifying - glad you weren't just randoming stealing wheelchairs around campus!!! Love ya girl!

Tamara said...

Oops. . . .I didn't catch the "breaking up" part til Michelle mentioned it. I think the phone rang and I didn't get back to finish it. I still keep in contact with several "former girlfriends" that belonged to my sons. One of my son's commented, "Mom, you probably get more attached than we do." But I'm grateful for my two precious daughters-in-law now. . . .but I well know the feelings. . . . .You have raised awesome sons and daughters. . . .and some day you will have amazing sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. Love you!