Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garth Returns Home

We have someone new at our house - his name is Garth. I am not sure how he got the name of Garth but he did. You see Garth is a dinosaur - I think he is a stegosaurus if I remember my dinosaurs correctly.

Garth was the KIT (4th year girls) mascot at camp this year.

He went everywhere with the darling cave woman!

Garth became quite popular at camp - and as happens to most mascots he was kidnapped a time or two by rival cabins (mainly the 3rd years). But the camp adult leaders got into the fun too and even kidnapped him one night!

Garth always reappeared though - usually at the top of the flagpole!

Garth was so popular that he even received his own KIT sweatshirt and camp name. Here is the explanation for his camp name that was read when his sweatshirt was presented to him one morning at flag call...

Gartholomew is a very important member of girls camp. He's never one to say an unkind word. He loves Destiny and has a very strong testimony. He still has his glad bracelet on. He only eats veggies and he loves fruit leathers. He loves to climb trees and swim in streams. He loves to sleep with a blanky and when people like the Adult Presidency take him and don't give him a blanky it breaks his very sensitive soul. He's popular with other campers, and throughout the week has had many up's and down's, high's and low's. With all those amazing attributes we are continuously wanting more of Garth and his spirit, so we give him the Kit name...ENCORE.

The last day of camp he disappeared again and was sited - poking out of the sunroof of Sister Atack's car. The girls were a bit sad but were hopeful they would see him again.

Saturday evening Garth returned home - to our home. We found him eagerly awaiting us at the front door. Whoever returned him (Thank you Tracy) also had fun "spotting" our house with dozens of green spots - just like Garth's sweatshirt!

The girls were not about to let him out of their sight again so on Sunday they even took a nap with him!

I am not sure but Garth may have taken up permanent residence at our house - how do you boys feel about sharing a room with Garth?!

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Emily said...

So I figure after the room that Logan has had to live in the last month, he can pretty much live in anything. Sharing a room with a dinosaur should be a relief! But Clark could be a different story :)