Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Official Week of Summer

Just a quick update . We are headed to the beach for our "Week at the Beach" today and don't have internet at the house so will update you a week from Sunday.

Our first real week of summer was pretty uneventful. Cali started her job. She's going to have a great tan by the end of the summer because she spends most of the time with the boys at the pool!

Tessa was big help to me this week around the house, taught her how to make freezer jam and she made 7 batches! 3 of the batches were using berries from our own garden.

Jim and Leigh Anne spent most of the time at their computers working. Jim has a couple of big proposals going in (keeping our fingers crossed) so doesn't come out of his "man cave" much.

Clark arrived home Friday morning - yeah! He has taken up residence in the red leather chair in front of the TV. He went in for his drug test so he will be able to start work at Costco the Monday after we get back from the beach.

Logan flies in this evening. The kids and I will head to the beach as soon as we pack up half the house and Jim and Logan will come this evening. We are having great weather - 80's so hoping it is a good week at the beach!

Becca arrives Monday evening - Logan will drive back into town to get her.

So not sure anyone really reads my blog posts....but if you are reading there's the update.

I started this blog for purely selfish reasons - a way to document our family history. I'm not sure how many people really read my weekly updates but I know a few friends do once in a while because they are kind enough to leave a comment occassionally. My mom reads it because she tells me but does anyone else??? My boys will leave a comment once in a while so I guess they are reading it.... And there is that "anonymous" commenter (thanks Wynn!)

If you do read my blog- I hope you will leave a comment some day to let me know. For those of you non-bloggers - FYI - Bloggers LOVE comments and when no one comments they think they are not loved...:(

Just a quick - hi - great post! or love the pictures of the girls or wish we were there - really anything will do!

So if it sounds like I'm begging for comments, maybe I am but I'd just really like to know you are there and that someone is READING MY BLOG!!!! And if you have a blog and send me the URL - I will visit it and I WILL COMMENT!


Anonymous said...

Hi there...I am a consultant from Florida and found your Homebased Mom blog a few months ago. I have enjoyed reading it so much! From there I found your family blog which I think is just darling! I love to read about your cute family and look forward to any tips you have for new consultants!
Thanks so much!

Leigh Anne said...

Yes - a comment! Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy both of my blogs. Good luck with your new business and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

Melinda said...

Of course, I read it! I subscirbe! A few of our 'kids' do the occasional browse-through, too, keeping up to date on their peers! ;o)

linda said...

You know I am a reader and a commenter (did I spell that right?)

Your going to have such a great time at the beach with ALL of your kids...enjoy!

And Becca is joining you...sounds serious!?! My son just turned 23 this week and isn't even close to a serious relationship. He's dating a precious girl now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Emily said...

I am a faithful reader, am disappointed when they haven't been updated by the time I go to bed Sunday night, and it is even worse when I have to wait until Tuesday. I am still deciding if pulling an "all nighter" is a good excuse:) Plus I love to show you and your family off! And the really good stuff gets passed along quickly, especially to that one anonymous commenter.

I hope you have so much fun at the beach, all week long. Think of us in our 100 degree heat, bored and trying to come up with new activities to keep ourselves busy. Our little family wishes so badly we were closer to your family, but Logan will enjoy the break from us after his morning with my kids! Have fun and know that you are LOVED!!!

Leigh Anne said...

Emily, we wish you were closer too! Logan is loving your sweet little family - especially when Addie puts out her arms and walks towards him. He even enjoys Jacqui's 400 questions! It's good experience for him! We love you. Maybe you could join us at the beach next summer!!??

Linda Munro said...

Leigh Anne, yep I read but I'm guilty of not commenting. Sorry 'bout that! Feel like I've known you and your family forever (actually it really *has* been a long time, hasn't it?) I found this blog from your Homebased Mom blog~love to read whats new with you even though we're not 'family'.

Emily said...

Okay so secretly we are hoping we will be in Oregon sometime next year to enjoy the tune of "bells" ringing. If only they will go along with our plan, right!

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments I feel so much better now.

Emily - know that the door is always open and the invitation always there!