Thursday, May 1, 2008

News from Australia

We finally heard from Logan today. He is loving Australia. They have been to the Gold Coast and Brisbane and leave for Newcastle on Friday (which is Thursday here).

Thought I would pass along his emails...

Dear Mom and Family,

Well I don't think I am coming home from Australia. I think I am just going to stay here. It is amazing here. For example today was a cooler day and it was 75 degrees in fall. We spent all day at a zoo were I feed the kangaroos, got to hold a Koala and took a picture with a crocodile. The beach is gorgous as well. We performed at surfers paradise two days ago.

The shows have gone well and we have a accomplished a ton yesterday. We performed in Parliament and meet the Speaker of the House. He was very receptive and another member of Parliament came to out show and loved it. While the show has gone well and the people have loved it the adversity has not stopped. Our first show was almost cancelled because the power went out right before the show started. But everything has gone great. We had a great firseside tonight.

The people are great and I am having a blast. This has been one the the best tours where I have seen the fruits of our labors we have really touched a lot of people. The tour is really well planned. There is a member of the area presidency at every show and fireside. Tomorrow we travel for ten hours to New Castle.

Love you all



Anonymous said...

Mom, I love how you left all of the spelling errors in the letter to give it that authentic Logan feel.

Leigh Anne said...

OK Clark - at least you could sign your name to your comment and not make it as "anonymous" - yes I left them in - it happens everytime he goes to a foreign country - he forgets how to spell!
Love ya boy - Mom

Logan said...

Hey it was really late when I wrote the email and it was on a really old computer where the keys stick to the keyboard.