Sunday, March 2, 2008

Signs of Spring

Spring is definitely here.

How can we tell?

Ten yards of garden mulch (aka "poop") was delivered to our house this week! No, that cute little boy didn't come with the garden mulch, he is our neighbor "D" or better known as Declan.

I bet the very site of that pile of garden mulch is making Logan and Clark homesick right now, wishing they were here to help shovel it, scoop by scoop, into the wheelbarrow, then roll into the backyard and spread it over the yard - doesn't it boys?! It is at times like this that Jim really misses his boys!

Well, we kept the gardener, Santiago (aka Jim) busy this weekend. He did have a helper though. Five year old Declan was knocking at our door on Friday as soon as he saw it in the driveway.

He proceeded to knock on the door every 20 minutes for several hours to see if Jim was ready to come out and "work". Jim tried to explain to him that he was working inside right now but would be out in a while.

Finally on Saturday morning Jim and his buddy Declan spent hours "moving poop" as the boys use to call it. Declan had his own little wheelbarrow and own shovel. He worked hard and Jim was so cute and patient with him.

Jim and Declan would take the occasional "juice" break and at one point Declan informed Jim that he had to "go pee in the jungle" He found a tree to hide behind and then asked "Can you see me Jim?" Jim assured him he couldn't.

Jim was wearing gloves while working with the mulch. Declan,thinking it was because it was cold asked Jim why he was wearing gloves and assured him,"It's really warm." Jim didn't explain to Declan why it was "warm".

Declan also wanted to know when Jim's "mom" was going to make cookies for his family again. So, guess who is baking cookies tomorrow?! It's Declan's fifth birthday Monday, so Jim's "mom" will be making Declan's favorite - chocolate chip cookies.

Boy Update:

Jim made an over night trip to Salt Lake on Tuesday so was able to have dinner in Salt Lake at the "Blue Iguana' with Clark and Brooke. Brooke's brother was playing in the state playoffs for high school basketball so the three of them went to the game. Jim was able to meet about 30 of Brooke's relatives who were also at the game. He had a good time.

Logan was in Southern California all week touring with the Young Ambassadors. On
Saturday I received a phone call from Logan -

"Hello (echo, echo, echo)

Hi Logan,

"Mom, I know where I want to live" (echo, echo, echo)

Where Logan?

"In a big house overlooking the Long Beach or maybe it's Newport Beach Country Club which overlooks the ocean - it's amazing!" (echo, echo, echo) (he was having a hard time remember what city he was in)

Logan, are you calling me from the bathroom?


The Young Ambassador's were having lunch at a member's house that overlooked the country club and ocean. Guess it must have been some bathroom to get that kind of echo!

Each night the Young Ambassadors are hosted by different members of the church. One night the host family had 3 Emmy's sitting on their shelf. The boys had fun taking their picture with them. The husband had won them for sound mixing for the shows Frasier and Friends, his wife had been the stand in on Frasier.

More signs of Spring at our house

Daffodils blooming on the woodland path

Fresh Tulips, one bouquet from my Visiting Teacher and one from Jim - my favorite flowers.

Spring Decorations:


Anonymous said...

Leigh Anne-
This is an adorable accounting of a great weekend!
Declan loves to "help" Jim whenever possible. He had so much fun with the mulch and Jim. He took the job very seriously - looking outside first thing in the AM to make sure he was not missing any time with Jim.
Jim's friendship means a lot to Declan. Jim is always so generous with his time. Jim having a job does sort of cramp Declan's style but he tries to deal with it as best he can.
Pretty soon Declan will be able to spread the mulch for Jim...a couple more years and a little bigger wheelbarrow. At the rate these first five have flown by, it will not be long.

ps-we had several real good hand washing sessions after the work - and talk of his own worker man gloves came up!

Happy Spring!
Katie Q

linda said...

Thank you for leaving your comment today about the girl scout cookies...I tried locating your recipe but haven't found it so far.

It's so nice to find fellow bloggers who have kids around the same age as mine. I love that all of these young women have each other to talk and share with but we "older" ones need that too.

Your little neighbor looks adorable and it's so nice of your husband to include him in his activities! Very very sweet!

Have a great week and hope to talk to you soon.

Dave said...

Wow - Jim's wife must be very young!!!