Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unfinished Projects

Do you have any of those - unfinished projects? Maybe like me you have a pile of pictures waiting to be hung on the wall, a pile of photos waiting to go into the scrapbook, or maybe it's an unfinished craft project from an Enrichment meeting a year ago (mine is an apron). Well - actually I have all of those unfinished projects at my house in addition to 6 quilts (that either the girls or I made over the last 4 years) that needed to be bound.

So what got me into my "Finish the Unfinished Project" Mood? Well - since I was already in the sewing mood from all that costume sewing last week I decided to just keep at it.

Our Relief Society was doing a darling flip and stitch baby quilt as a mid-week activity and I decided I knew a few people having babies in the next few months and I was going to need some baby presents so - why not. The girls and I had a fun time picking out the cute baby flannel.

The class is next week but I was so excited about it I decided to go ahead and cut mine out so I would be ready to go, well... I got even more excited and decided I would just sew one of them up since I was doing two, was so quick and easy and fun I couldn't stop there so I did the next one too. They turned out darling and I love them and I hope the receviers will too! Guess I don't have to go to the mid-week activity any more.

Since I was in the "quilt mode" I decided to tackle some of those "unfinished projects' and I pulled out the 4 quilts I had stored away in the back of my closet that were all finished except for the binding.

Last summer Tessa made a darling quilt for a value project, it was sewn, quilted and finished except for the binding which I was suppose to do.

Four summers ago Cali and one of her friends had spent the summer piecing together and sewing a darling flannel quilt. This quilt was finished also - except for the binding and waiting in my closet.

Also, in the closet were two other quilts I had pieced and had quilted (by a longarm quilter) 3 years ago. They too were also waiting for - guess what - the binding!

After binding and finishing the two baby quilts this weekend I also finished Tessa's value quilt project - yeah!! The other three are now out of the closet and they WILL be done by the end of the week!

The rest of the week:

The girls and I enjoyed a youth baptism temple trip on Wednesday - Jim was out of town in Spokane. I love being in Young Women's with my girls.

I enjoyed a fun get away beach weekend with my Beach Babe friends. We headed out Friday morning and enjoyed the beautiful, perfect weather (sixty degrees and sunny) at the beach. Our house was rented so we rented another beach house at Arch Cape, just 5 miles north of our house in Manzanita. We had fun talking, walking on the beach, eating, shopping and watching movies. We have been friends for the last 14 years and love getting away together a few times a year. It is a very special group of friends.

We watched the movie The Jane Austen Book Club which I loved - I especially recommend it to all Jane Austen fans.

Cali is in for a couple of busy weeks. With opening night only about 12 days away rehearsals are running later and later and work parties on the weekends are busy. She also had Solo/Ensemble this weekend and sang with Cantores and also in the solo division. She was also part of a quartet that sang the National Anthem at the last basketball game of the season at the high school.

Boy Update:
Jim made a quick trip to Spokane this week. With the beautiful "spring like" weather we have been enjoying Jim has spent ALOT of time out in the yard - all the roses - all 37 of them are now pruned and several trailer loads of debris has gone to the dump! He has also been helping work on the set for the musical over at the high school. I bought the slug bait this weekend so spreading that will be his next job.

Logan and the Young Ambassadors left this week for their 10 day tour with the first stop in Las Vegas and then onto Southern California.

Clark and a group of kids from his ward went sledding on Friday and Clark is keeping busy with work, homework and dating Brooke.

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