Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We hope you all enjoyed a peaceful Easter Sabbath.

Do you notice a new look to the blog? - thanks to DCR Design for our beautiful new blog design!

The Easter Bunny paid it's annual visit this year, leaving a maze of string throughout the house that the girls had to follow - leaving along the way eggs filled with not only candy but also jewlery, mascara, DVD's (Enchanted) and a facial exfoliator - can you tell there are teenage girls at our house!

The girl's looked darling in their "coordinating" Easter outfits. If you haven't read my post on matching/coordinating Easter outfits on www.yourhomebasedmom you might want to check it out - especially for some cute pictures of the kids when they were younger.

You might think that when your children get older that getting a cute photo of them would be easier - wrong! You get pictures like these!

And even mom gets in on the action...

Eventually you get a good one....

We had a fun Easter dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Best and the Kang family. A family in our ward with five of the cutest little girls you have ever seen! They are expecting baby # 6 - Lilly in just a few weeks.
Cali and Tessa had a great time playing with them - all the girls sat at the kid's table for dinner.

Boy Update:
Jim flew to Denver on Tuesday and then to SLC on Wednesday. He played racquetball with Logan Wednesday night and then took the boys out to breakfast Thursday morning. He changed his ticket to stay over Thursday night so he could watch the BYU playoff game with the boys out at David and Tricia's and then flew home Friday.

Logan spent the majority of his weekend - about 17 hours, in the library working on a big paper that is due tomorrow - he now knows that they play the Star Wars theme when the library is getting read to close! He did manage to take a break Saturday night to attend a show up in SLC with a group of the YA's. Thank you to Emily and Wynn who fed him Easter dinner.

Clark spent the Easter weekend up in SLC with Brooke and her family - thank you Wagstaff family for taking such good care of him. Friday night he and Brooke attended a ballet performance of one of her roommates. We are not sure what kind of spell Brooke has cast over Clark in order to get him to attend a ballet but we love it! How much cash did you have to give him Brooke??

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linda said...

Darling pictures and glad to see that you were even able to get in on the action.

Sounds like your Easter was an enjoyable one. My little sis is away as a college freshman and I missed her so much today!