Monday, July 20, 2015

Tessa Turns 21!

This was one of the few birthdays that Tessa hasn't been home for - I think maybe only the second. She is working as an intern in NYC as part of her PR program.

After our week at the beach, Tessa, Cali and Hannah flew out to NYC and Kat Matthews met them there.  They had an amazing time and it was fun that they were able to be there on Tessa's birthday to celebrate with her.
They did a good job of spoiling Tessa for her birthday.  They found one of the few party supply stores in NYC and loaded up on goodies.

They had a fun picnic/party in Central Park to celebrate.

So glad these girls were there to celebrate and take care of Tessa on her birthday since her mom couldn't be there!  Hard to believe my baby is 21 years old.

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