Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

We enjoyed a nice Easter weekend.  We started the weekend off by checking out a new restaurant.  It was listed as one of Portland's Top 100 Cheap Eats.  We are always up for a good cheap eats and it was also in Hillsboro so it was close.  It was called Amelias and it was a yummy little Mexican place.

 They advertised it as Southern California style Mexican Food.  Jim and I both had their fish tacos and they were good but not quite as good as all the ones we had eaten in San Diego.  The portions were huge!  Each dinner was served in a 9 x 13 dish! Their salsa came with homemade corn tortillas that were delicious.

Saturday we enjoyed watching conference while getting some yard work and errand running done in between sessions.  I did some food prep for Easter and made our annual lemon angel pie.  It isn't Easter without lemon angel pie.

I also made a caramel cake which was a last minute addition to the menu.  I was in the mood for cake.

After Priesthood session we went to Joni Burk's 50th birthday party and got to see their beautiful new home they just moved into.

For Easter we had invited the Sanders family over.  They have four darling little kids.  I had had two of the girls in Activity Days.

When they arrived Jim had set up a String Easter Egg hunt just like we use to do for our kids.
The kids loved it.  He even color coded their eggs so each child had a specific color.

We then had Easter Brunch which included ham, potatoes, asparagus, celestial salad, fruit salad, orange rolls, and quiche.  And then dessert.

We listened to the afternoon session of conference together and I had put together a conference bingo for the kids and had a fun Easter coloring sheet covering the whole kitchen table that they could color on.

I really miss my kids on holidays so it was fun to have some kids there to celebrate with us - and their parents.

Grateful for this Easter season and the amazing sacrifice our Savior made for us.  


Anonymous said...

Great that you are blogging here again! :)

Jacky said...

Nice post #3! We had a great easter egg hunt down here in Utah! Ryan found the $10 egg by snatching it out of Eric's hand. It was crazy. All the boys just opened the eggs as they went only looking for money.

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