Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day

A few images from our Christmas morning. The best part - we were all together.

It started as always in the upstairs hall with the opening of stockings:

Clark must have been a bad boy this year....

A new striped Eddie Bauer shirt for Jim - he doesn't have any of those :)!!
Cal got what she asked for - underwear!

Why did Clark give me toilet paper?!?!?

What Clark really gave her - cute new cupcake mittense!
Tickets to go see Jimmer play!!
Go Ducks!

Clark and his new robe from Tessa.
Cali found the pickle.
A new Vitamix for mom!!

Trying out his new golf club in his new robe.

1 comment:

Weikel said...

We need to get you some new pj's. :) Your a young looking Mama with Grandma pj's!!!
That is cool that you guys do the pickle thing. Joshua was telling me about it and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever since I have never heard of it before. Maybe now we will do it so its not so weird. :)