Wednesday, December 7, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame and Santa

Earlier this week I got an email informing us that the "real" Santa would no longer be at Macy's Department store this year.  We have been visiting this Santa for 27 years!  Of course I was a little distressed by the news!  I headed over to their Facebook page and let them know I was disappointed in Macy's for hiring non-naturally bearded Santas!  Shame on them!  How dare they mess with our family's tradition.

A reporter from The Oregonian saw my comment and contacted me and asked if she could interview me over the phone.  She did and it was fun.  I also sent h er some of our family's Santa photos.  I knew it would be in the paper the next morning.  I got my paper and started looking through the Living section, the Metro section and no article!  Imagine my surprise when I turned the paper over and there we were on the front page!!  It must have been a slow news day in Portland.

You can go here to read the article from the paper.

Later that day I got a call from my neighbor Debbie that she had just a picture of us on the noon news on Channel 8 - guess they picked up the story.

And then later in the afternoon I got an email from Shauna Parsons, an anchor on Channel 12 asking if they could send a reporter over to interview us.  I said sure and then scrambled to get the house picked up.  I was in the middle of Christmas decorating and that is always a huge mess.  Fortunately one tree was up and decorated.
The cameraman and reporter arrived and we had a fun interview.  You can see the interview here.

So I guess we were famous - for a little while at least!!

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Tamara said...

Another fun tradition! THANKS for sharing. Ben would absolutely love the TUBA DAY! Merry Christmas!