Friday, October 28, 2011

The 100 Dresses

Last weekend I made a trip to Utah (yes, another trip!)

One of the reasons for my visit was to see Cali in her production of The Hundred Dresses.  This show was put on by BYU's  Theater for Young Audiences.  They have been performing since the beginning of October and will continue to travel to schools within the area and perform through the end of December.  They were performing at BYU for 10 days too.

As part of the show they have been holding a dress drive.  The dresses will be donated to various shelters.  They have collected over 600 dresses so far.

They have used some of them in a display in the HFAC.

 The show is based on a sweet children's book .  Here is a brief description of the book:

With a funny last name and only one faded school dress, Wanda Petronski becomes an easy target to tease when she claims to have a hundred dresses at home. But when the school drawing contest arrives, her classmates begin to see the consequences of their choices and the worth of an individual.

It is a sweet and tender story that leaves you thinking.  Thinking about times you may have been a bully or been bullied.    When they perform for schools they do a workshop afterwards with the kids.

Outside the theater they had these fun cut outs hanging for a photo op.  Of course we had to take advantage.

The set was simple but effective.

The best part though was watching all the kids come up after the show and talk with the actors and get autographs - they were all so cute!

The cast of The Hundred Dresses.  Cali played two parts - the school teacher and Maddie's mother.

The proud family!

Fortunately, when Jim had been in town several weeks ago he was able to watch one of the rehearsals for the show.

We love you Cali and we are so proud of you!!!

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Tamara said...

So happy you get to travel so much and see family in Utah. Love this children's book about the 100 Dresses--so many lessons taught in so few pages. Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful life!