Sunday, September 4, 2011

The State Fair

Saturday Jim and I and our friends the Jensens headed south to the Oregon State Fair.  I think it has been about 20 year since we have been there!

It was hot and sunny. 

We checked out the animals first - I must say I think the goats were my favorite.

They even decorate their pen areas - I love that!

 I thought the cows were pretty and so clean!

The horses made me sneeze!

My favorite though was the building with all the food entries!  A gal in our stake had entered a pie and won first place!

The food entries had been there for a couple of weeks and they were looking a little old and dried out.

The cake decorating contest...

Next year I decided I'm entering the lego contest.

I thought maybe Jim should enter some of his garden produce too.
 Or maybe some flowers from our garden.

But my absolute favorite was the display of all the canned goods - it all looked so pretty and delicious!

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