Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to School

Some of my children have informed me that I haven't posted on the family blog in several weeks.  Oops.  So here is some catch up!

Because I had no one living at home that was going Back to School this year I decided to have a Back to School breakfast for the neighbor kids.  They are so sweet to indulge me!

We did it Labor Day morning and served a waffle bar.

 I got to use my cute little milk bottles again!

 We made overnight waffles and their were lots of toppings!

 We sat out on the patio and just enjoyed each other.

 I made a pennant for each of the kids with their school name and school colors.  They indulged me in a little photo shoot!

 Then we took individual shots of all the kids with their grade written on the chalk board!

 And one last shot - the traditional first day of school shot in front of the very worn out school banner.  I think it needs to be retired!

It was strange having no one to get up and out the door on the first day of school.....

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks fr the ideas.