Friday, April 22, 2011

Prom Prep

Last weekend was a busy one getting ready for prom  - it was an all day event! 

Tessa and her friend started out with pedicures and manicures.
 And they  needed up with lovely fingernails and toenails.

From there we went to my friend Shannon who did Tessa's hair.  She did a wonderful job.  Tessa wanted a soft, romantic look and she got it!

Next was a trip to the makeup counter at Sephora where Shannon's sister Shelly was working for the day.  She works for Philosophy and moves from store to store.  We were glad she was on the westside today!  She did a wonderful job with her make - soft and romantic.  There was another Philosophy gal there who didn't have a customer at the time so she gave me a facial and did my makeup.

That was great because I was the Master of Ceremonies for the American Mother's Gala that night!

From there it was time to head home and get dressed and ready for pictures!

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