Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

So Easter started out like it always does at our house - with the Easter Bunny leaving a web of string through our house with goodies hidden along the way.  Even though she is 17, Tessa has not outgrown having the Easter Bunny come and neither has her mom!!!

We enjoyed an Easter breakfast of omelets, muffins, strawberries and cream - so good!

 And of course there were Easter tulips.

We headed to church where they had a nice program for Easter - the choir sang several numbers and there was a missionary farewell.

After church Grandma and Grandpa Best came for a dinner of Orange Marmalade Pork Tenderloin, Fresno Potatoes, Celestial Salad, Roasted Asparagus, Grandma's jello and my mom made her orange rolls.  Dessert was lemon angel pie and caramel cake.

Tessa wore her new Easter dress that I made for her from a 1950's vintage pattern - she looked darling in it of course.

 It was a bit muddy out of the grass!

Sunday evening our stake was putting on a musical Easter program that we attended that was beautiful.  I perfect ending to a lovely Easter Sunday.

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Marixxa said...

Just finished reading ALL your posts!I think you have to give me a prize for finishing in four days :) Crazy me huh? Well, I told myself if I am to follow you, I might as well get to 'know you and your family' there. I'm so inspired. I'm a young mom from Manila and we have the same interests so everything is... interesting he he. I love all the traditions your family have. I love the hikes, flea market hops, parties, volunteer work, etc, etc. I'm so happy to have chanced upon your blog and if it's ok, I'm gonna bring some of your family's traditions into mine. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life. You'll see me here often :))