Monday, March 14, 2011

Hairspray Party

We had fun getting lots of things ready for the Hairspray Cast Party.  I had a great group of parents who volunteered to help so the work load was light for everyone.

I decided to make crown shaped sugar cookies for each member of the cast and crew as a little gift from Amber (Tessa).

That's a lot of sugar cookies - over 80!

Fortunately I had lots of helpers.  Grandma Wilkes and Cali pitched in and Hannah and Olivia helped out too.  While we were decorating the cookies our friends Dyann and Calista stopped by with some pretty purple tulips for me and they pitched in to help too!!

Calista and Calista!

The girls helped bag them up, add a tag and tie the ribbon!

They turned out pretty cute and the kids loved them.  Had lots of thank yous from them.

I also made Tessa a cookie bouquet for closing night.  Thought it turned out pretty cute and a lot less expensive than the ones you buy.  And my cookies taste better!

The cast party was a big success and we had lots of great food thanks to all the parent volunteers.  I provided a pot full of Kahlua pork which the kids loved.

I had left it cooking in the oven all day.  Fortunately for me grandma was home while it was cooking because while I was off at the Stake Cultural Arts Fair teaching a class on taking better photos Grandma got up to get a drink of water and noticed that my oven was on fire!!  I guess, I had accidently left the hot pot holder in the oven along with the pot!  Yikes!  Glad our house is still standing!!!

One of the other moms is a great cake decorator so she created this amazing cake for the party.

Another mom made cupcakes and made these darling cupcake liners for them  - they say Hairspray and there is a can of hairspray on it.  I made the cake stands out of plastic trays from the Dollar Store and cans of hairspray.

We got home from the party about 1 a.m. which was really 2 a.m. thanks to Day Light Savings time.  Fortunately church wasn't until 11 the next day!!

Hard to believe that my 12 year run of working on musicals at Westview is over.  It was a bittersweet closing night and I must admit I shed a few tears as I watched the closing number.

  It was an amazing show to go out on though!!!

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