Monday, November 29, 2010

TGTA - Food, Fun & Family

Jim's brother Wynn and his family also drove to Idaho Falls for Thanksgiving along with cousin McKay Nelson who is attending BYU.  It was fun to be with so much family.  My kids especially love hanging with their cousins!

Of course there was a foosball tournament and even Grandpa got involved.

 Baker didn't let his broken collar bone slow him down at all!

 The tournament had to come to a stop when one of the foosball men was injured.
 They all just moved upstairs to watch more of this.....
 There was lots of playing in iphones and ipads too.
 Grandma kept us all well fed with turkey, ham, potatoes, home baked bread, pies, candy and lots more!!

 The kid's table.
 Logan and Brendy have graduated to the grown up table.
 And then after all that feasting there was some of this going on too.
 I got the kids to cooperate for at least one photo together.

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