Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Slash Bash

I have one more post from my trip to Utah to share.  On Wednesday Logan was involved with the Slash Bash.  It was an event put on by an advertising firm that Corporate Alliance works with.

They brought 500 pumpkins into an old grocery store parking lot.  Logan was running the sound system and music for the event.

Everyone that came got a free T-shirt and of course had to sign a waiver that they wouldn't sue if they got hurt.

Clark and Lizzy met Cali and I there and Emily and the kids came over too.

There were different ways to smash/slash the pumpkins.  There was a catapult which we didn't get to do and then the cherry picker.  I don't know what else to call the thing. 

 Even Addi went up for the ride!
They also had areas roped off where you could use a sledge hammer, golf club or some type of machete (not sure how to spell it) to demolish the pumpkins.  A great way to take out a little frustration or anger.

I was the only one smart enough to put on the safety goggles - don't want to get any pumpkins guts in my eyes!!

 A golf club was Cali's weapon of choice!
 Clark went for the sledge hammer of course!
 We even got Lizzy to give it a try!
 Logan figured out how to it it with the side of the sledge hammer and it sliced the whole thing in half!

 Addi got a little help from Logan
 Even mild manner Emily took a few swings - they were very gentle swings!
We had a great time and got rid of a few stresses!

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