Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Been a Little Busy

Before the college kids call and ask where the family update on the blog is I just want to say - I've been a little busy!

I've got some great shots from Guys and Dolls to share but I took a couple a thousand photos and it takes a while to plow through them and edit them!  Coming soon.

Like I said I've been a little busy....

In the last two weeks I have watched Guys & Dolls 8 times and it's a 2 hour and 45 minute show so that takes some time and like I said I've taken several thousand photos of it too.

I've been busy in the kitchen.  I made  a couple of amazing pies for a dinner party we went to on Wednesday - can I just say amazing!!
I was busy working on the gifts the cast gives to all the adult directors who work with the show.  Look at the cute dice gift bags I made.

And then my kitchen table has been covered with cookies for several days - several hundred cookies all shaped like dice, lips, spades, hearts, diamonds etc....
These little squares became....

 Dice!  Lucky be a Lady tonight!!  The dice were wrapped up in little gift bags with a cute little gift tag made with a playing card for every member of the LARGE cast!
Yes, my kitchen table looked pretty much like this all week.

And then some of the cookies became part of a cookie bouquet - I made two, one for Tessa and one for CJ the director.  Not bad for my first attempt.

Jim had his tax stuff spread out all over the dining room table which we had to uncover so we could have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Best before we went to the show Friday night.

I had a great time at my watercolor class on Saturday.  It was the first time I had watercolored since the class I took at BYU my junior year.  It was fun and really quite relaxing although I really should have been home getting more stuff ready for the cast party - I had a great time!.  Here's my first little watercolor exercise.

I left watercolor class an hour early so I could run home and whip up a batch of cupcakes for the cast party as well as a pot full of sweet pork.  Can I just say my house looked like a tornado had hit!!
The cast party was a great success with lots of good food - lettuce wraps, curry, beans, sweet pork, 3 types of pinwheel sandwiches, and lots of other yummy stuff!!

We got home from the party at about 12:30 am which was really 1:30am because of the time change and morning came too early.  I had two ward conferences to attend today.

So - please forgive my lack of blog updates this last week - I've been a little busy!!!


Mary Anne Best said...

Thanks for dinner. It was delicious as always. Guys & Dolls was great.

Happy you are taking a watercolor class. Your first project is lovely. Mom

Michelle Wilkes said...

Wow! Everything looks fabulous! I'm hoping there are recipes and instructions for all those things on one of your other blogs!
And I am super impressed with your watercolors! Wow!

Melinda said...

The gifts are spectacular and so well themed! The party food sounds very special. You added a lot of heart to the memories from this show. What a wonderful gift of time and care!

By the way, Tessa is so incredibly graceful and entertaining. I know that you already know that, but I appreciate getting to watch her perform, as well. Please thank her for me.

Cali said...

not to shabby of a water color mom for a million years of haitus. jk. I want one of those cupcakes they look yummy.

Tamara said...

WOW, Leigh Anne! You make me tired. All your treats look fantastic and your watercolor is amazing!