Saturday, February 6, 2010

Provo Trip

During my very quick 48 hour trip to Provo I managed to get a few of my favorite activities in.

Of course there was that post surgery meal at Cafe Rio, a trip to Tai Pan - actually two trips - one to the big store in Sandy and then a quick trip to the smaller store at the University Mall where I found an amazing red purse on sale for Valentine's Day!  I think I must have gotten half a dozen comments on it as I walked through the airport - I had to fight Cali for it!

I was able to go on a girl's shopping trip to the mall with Cali and I enjoyed breakfast at Magleby's with Clark and Cali on the way home from Physical therapy- love that Buttermilk Syrup and was able to check out Logan's new office.  He looked so cute and official behind that desk!

Being sure that Clark was comfortable and taken care of Logan and Cali and I went out to lunch on Thursday.  We tried a new restaurant, at least new to us, Communal.

It is located on University right near downtown Provo.

There large Communal table is lovely as is the rest of the restaurant

When we sat down the first thing Logan said was "I feel like I'm home."  Communal felt very much like many of the restaurants we have here in Portland.  The menu was wonderful too.  They use a lot of fresh local produce just like here at home!.

Everything sounded good and we had a hard time deciding.  Logan and Cali both went with the burger that had blue cheese and bacon mixed in with it - they grind their own meat right there on site.

The burgers were amazing and came with these even more amazing french fries.  The presentation was awesome too.

Despite feeling like home you could tell we were in Utah - the fries came with fry sauce!

I enjoyed a yummy arugela salad with blood oranges and some french onion soup.

So any of you Provoites - be sure and check it out - yum!  Prices were decent too for a more upscale type of place.  I'd love to try dinner there next time I'm in town!!

Even though the trip was short I am glad I could be there with Clark and get to see Logan and Cali - love my kids!!!


Patti said...

Is that on Univ. Ave or Parkway? Glad you had a good time while you were here and glad the weather cooperated for you. I think I'll start hanging out at the airport on the off-chance that I'll have a "celebrity sighting!"

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


The restaurant is on the corner of University and 100 North in Provo