Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Night

We've been playing a lot of games over the holiday break.

Santa brought us a new family game - Carcassonne.  The directions were a little complicated so we decided it would be easier for someone who knows how to play it to just teach us.

We had our friends the Ellsworths over to play games on Sunday night and fortunately Alison knew how to play it.  We had a table playing Carcassonne and a table playing Settler's of Catan.

Here's some of our families favorite games lately....

The Pickle present this year was the card came Sleeping Queens which we have had a lot of fun playing.  It was acutally invented by a 6 year old girl who had a dream about it!!

Monday night we had the Best family over for dinner.  We had a Cafe Rio night complete with sweet pork, black beans, lime cilantro rice.  You could make a burrito or a salad with the Cafe Rio Cilantro dressing - yum!  Grandma brought dessert and Aunt Tracy brought appetizers.

We don't see our Best cousins very often so it was fun to get caught up.

We played the game Whoonu which was fun!

Cousin Drew

We're off to another game night tonight at some friend's house!


Marie said...

Family times are the best times of all.

Tamara said...

We REJOICE that you continue making so many awesome memories with your family. This is the quietest Christmas ever and helps me appreciate all the times when chaos reigned. Happy New Year!

Melinda said...

We've been playing the Ticket to Ride game (European version) a fair amount, too. As well as Apples to Apples.