Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blazer Game

Saturday night Jim and I went to the Blazer Game.  Aflack is one of the sponsors of the Blazers so Jim's manager had some tickets to give out.  They had a private party/dinner before the game and the Blazer's announcer (Mr Rice, I think) came and spoke to us and gave us some inside scoop on what was going on in the locker room, who was hurt ( alot of them) etc.  Jim thought that was way fun!  Then two of the Blazer dancers came in and Jim got his picture taken!

During the dinner they raffled off some Blazer shirts etc and Jim was excited to win a nice long sleeve shirt that he put on right away.

We had great seats - the best seats we have ever had at a Blazer game.  We were in the 15th row.  I could actually even see faces without binoculars!

Being the rabid Blazer fan that I am (LOL!!) I didn't even take a book this time.  I watched the whole game, except for the few times I dozed off (I don't think Jim noticed)  I even saw Greg Oden fall and break his patella seven minutes into the game.

I thought for sure the Blazer's were going to lose.  The Blazer's always lose when I go to the game but this time they pulled it off - winning by a point.

Jim kept in close contact with Logan during the game giving him updates as it went along.

And here's proof that I was there!

A little out of focus but there!!


Tamara said...

Good for you Leigh Anne in being such a good sport and going to the game. Yeah, Blazers!

Emily said...

Looks like a fun, fun evening! I love the new long sleeve shirt.