Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Wilkes Week

I had almost decided there wouldn't be a blog post this week because nothing very "blog worthy" had happened this past week.  It was a pretty boring week.  There was lots to do but just nothing too exciting except that $1,800.00 car repair bill we got - now that is exciting - NOT!!  No, I did not put the decimal in the wrong spot!

Jim and I both got a temple session in.  I attended our Stake RS Temple day and Jim went on his own - one of the advantages of being unemployed is more time to go to the temple.  He was been very good about going once a week.  Hopefully he won't be able to do that as easily soon!!!

Tessa kept busy with school, play practice, voice lessons and she played Mom to the neighbor kids this weekend when their folks went out of town and she took care of them.  She had a good time and all went well.

This weekend our ward had a family activity - a soup and pie night with a program of funny skits and stories.  It was fun.  I made a peanut butter pie.  It didn't win the pie contest but I thought it was pretty darn good!!

Today I had the "opportunity" to go to church for 7 hours!  After attending my own ward, the Stake RS Presidency visited 3 of the Relief Socities in our Stake and had a Presidency meeting in between.  Got to hear the same lesson three times - it was a good lesson on Joseph Smith.  I have a greater understanding and compassion for those Bishoprics who are at church all day long - I have to admit 7 hours of church is just a bit too much!  I was struggling big time to keep my eyes open during the last RS we went too.  Since we were sitting in the front facing the rest of the room I figured I better stay awake!

Logan and his friend Mark Boothe have been working out and training for a while now.  This weekend they competed in their first 5K - they are working up to a mini-triatholon.  This was a costume 5K so they dressed up.

Aren't they cute!

They are salt and pepper shakers if you can't tell!  They borrowed the costumes from Mark's folks.

They won first prize with their costumes.  And, yes, they did run the entire 5K in the costumes.  Logan said it felt like running in a dress!  They didn't come in first in the 5K but Logan said they were in the "middle of the pack".

Their prize for winning the costume contest was a free pancake breakfast - they even put chocolate chips in them!

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Unknown said...

What fun costumes! Congrats Logan on yourraining and finishing up with an important goal!