Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Garlic Festival

After our Saturday morning trip to the Beaverton Farmer's Market we came home to do some "chores". Jim worked in the yard, I cleaned the house, Tessa worked on her Health Home Study and Cali did some work on the computer for a friend.

In the afternoon we drove out to the big town of North Plains (just about 10 minutes down the freeway) to their annual Garlic Festival.

There is a big sign along the side of the freeway that advertises the festival. It says, "Fun Stinks" and it is a big huge elephant. We have driven by that sign for the last 15 years I think everytime we did Jim would say, "We should go to that some time."

Well this was the year. We invited our friends the Jensens' to go with us.

I had heard that they served garlic ice cream so of course we had to try it! I bought one small scoop and we all had a taste - that is really all we needed! It tasted like cold garlic - I prefer my garlic warm!

Tessa had to smell it first and then she wasn't too sure....

Everyone decided they much preferred the garlic mashed potatoes, garlic green beans and garlic chicken!
We got some free samples of Elephant Garlic and learned a little about the different types of garlic there are.

We even met the Garlic Queen. Jim thought I should find out how to try out for the role next year! Ha ha!!

They had a used book sale for the library where Jim found a few books to read and they had arts and crafts booths. There was also a baseball throwing booth where they tracked how fast you could throw the ball.

I showed them my stuff!

It really helps you throw faster when you close your eyes! I think I hit an all time high of 26 mph. Then Larry showed us how to do it!
He threw it twice as fast as I did. Then Matthew Jensen, who is on the high school baseball team showed us all up and threw the fastest pitch of the day! The fastest pitch of the day won $25.00 - unfortunately about an hour later someone threw one faster!

Here we are watching Matthew show us how to do it -

Everyone who threw got a free inflatable bat - we ended up with 3!

There was also roasted garlic and warm bread, parmesan and garlic popcorn, and a lot more garlic infused food items!

Fun Stinks!


Tamara said...

Looks like tons of fun! THANKS!

Emily said...

Now that is my kind of festival! I am adding it to my list.