Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Reception

I did a full post about the wedding reception I helped with over at yourhomebasedmom but I wanted to share here too.

I helped my friend Pam put together the reception for her son Jordan. Jordan aka Buzz and Clark have been friends since high school where they played Lacrosse together and Jordan's dad was their lacrosse coach. They lived together their freshman year at BYU and both played Lacrosse for BYU.

The party was fun to work on. Molly, the bride chose a fun color scheme - teal blue, lime green, fuchsia and orange. We used blue Mason jars for flower vases and candle holders. On tables and hung from the fence.

We used even more canning jars with candles to line the pathway into the backyard.

We tied ribbons onto the back of the chairs. Pam had ordered hundreds of yards of ribbon and we found out Thursday night it was not going to arrive in time. She and I went on a mad ribbon hunt on Friday morning. We bought up every roll of teal, lime green, fuschia and orange ribbon that we could find. Fortunately we found enough to do what we wanted to do and it all looked so pretty!

I spent several weeks experimenting with different flavors of cupcakes. In fact I experimented with about 20 dozen cupcakes! And then we made 22 dozen for the wedding reception!

The turned out great - lemon, lime, banana, brown sugar, chocolate cherry!

In addition to cupcakes there was a chips and salsa bar and a slider and sauce bar. It was fun food and everything looked so pretty!

And then there was a candy bar in the wedding colors too!

My friend Karen helped me out by baking cupcakes and decorating them with me on Saturday -don't we look cute in our matching aprons! Karen's daughters were a big help too as were Cali and Tessa.

Despite the 90 degree temperatures, everything turned out great, the food, the decorations.

I guess it was good practice for me in case any of my kids ever decide to get married!


Michelle Wilkes said...

Everything looks so cute, fun, and pretty, too! I want to know where you got the picks to label the cupcakes with. They are adorable... and I think I need a set or two...

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


I found the cute little sign holders on ebay. They come in a set of four. I love them!

Michelle Wilkes said...

O.K. so what are they called so I can search for them?

Emily said...

I want to do my wedding over again and with your help of course! You are hired to plan any party of mine you want :)