Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Mouse in the House

It's been a pretty boring week around here. In fact when today's post is the highlight of the week you know it's been a bit dull. I guess a quiet week once in a while though is a good thing - I should just learn to enjoy it!

Well - the big excitement of the week was really a Mouse in the House! I debated whether I should blog about this or not. The girls were afraid that people would think we had a dirty house because we had a mouse in the house.

Now, while my house is not always immaculate we do not live in filth and squalor! It is just a fact of life when you live across the street from a pond - you will have mice. The mice have always stayed in the garage where we regularly set traps but this week one brave little mouse ventured inside.

Cali and I were standing in the kitchen on Thursday night when Cali let out a scream - "There's a mouse". I didn't even bother to look but I took off screaming and running and jumped up on the chair in the family room. Cali jumped up onto the window seat in the kitchen . I never even saw the mouse but Cali said it headed towards the dining room..

Jim was confused and couldn't figure out why we were both screaming! By the time he figured out why we were screaming the mouse was long gone. He opened up the french doors in the dining room thinking maybe it would go out and he had me stand on the chair next to the doors to see if it left. After a few minutes I gave up.

Tessa wasn't home and we decided not to tell her about the sighting as we knew it would totally freak her out. Unfortunately she saw the two mouse traps Jim set in the kitchen when she got home.

Friday morning Cali got up to take a shower. She pulled back the shower curtain and there was our friend - running along the edge of the shower. More screaming ensued and Jim who was on a conference call came upstairs with a bowl. I guess he was going to try and catch it in the bowl???

The mouse disappeared again and Jim had to leave for an appointment.

Several minutes later Tessa went into the bathroom and there running along the floor was Mr. Mouse - you guessed it - more screaming - all three of us this time. This time I was on a call but I screamed anyway - sorry Sherra!

Jim was gone so I quickly slammed the bathroom door and stuffed a towel under the door so he/she couldn't escape.

I called Jim on the phone and he suggested I put one of the mousetraps he had put in the kitchen into the bathroom. So I very carefully carried the peanut butter enhanced mouse trap upstairs and slipped it into the bathroom - opening the door as little as possible - restuffing the towel underneath.

About 10 minutes later I got brave enough to open the door again and take a peek - yeah! The trap had worked and our little friend was trapped - and DEAD!

We left him in the bathroom until Jim got home so he could take care of it.

So who knew mice could climb stairs and scale a bathtub!!


Tauna said...

I laughed when I read your entry because last night the same thing happened to us. It's funny how we women instantly climb up on something. For me it was the couch. Everyone else was asleep and I was in the family room when I saw a little mouse scurry by our fireplace. I instantly screamed and jumped onto the couch. We too have a couple mousetraps set, unfortunately we haven't caught ours yet. Let's hope tonight. All day I've been keeping my feet up off the floor.

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


Thank you for sharing your mouse story! Jim didn't think I should write about having a mouse in the house - I assured him we are NOT the only people to ever have a mouse in our house.

Glad we are in such good company!!

Tamara said...

Thanks for SHARING the fun mouse story. One of my funniest memories is of Justin jumping up on a chair when we saw a mouse on the houseboat.