Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tamara and Richard's Wedding

We made a quick 36 hour trip to Mesa Arizona this weekend for the wedding of Tamara and Richard! Thanks to two frequent fliers tickets both Jim and I were able to fly down to celebrate with the family.

This was the first time in a few years that Jim, all his siblings and all their spouses had been together. There was lots of other family there too. It was fun to spend time with Julie White, her parents Max and Margene Withers.
It was a nice surprise to see Wynn and Emily and their three kids as well as Chersten and Scott and their three cute little girls. All of Tamara's kids and their spouses and kids were there too - Lots of Wilkes!

Jim and I flew in and met David and Tricia at the airport and shared a rental car. Tricia's sister who lives in Gilbert was kind enough to let us stay with them.

We had some time to waste when we first got there so of course Tricia and I knew how to fill it - we went shopping. We drug the guys along with us as we checked out all the cute stores and boutiques on Main Street in Mesa. We found a yummy little Mexican restaurant to eat at too.

We met up with all the family at the Open House Friday evening. They had the Open House before the wedding because Richard and Tamara were leaving for their Alaskan Cruise early Saturday evening.

Tamara's bishop hosted the Open House at his home. The weather really cooperated - we had expected triple digit temperatures but the evening was a cool 90 or so with a nice breeze. It was a beautiful evening to sit outside and get caught up with all the Wilkes.

It was fun to meet Richard again after so many years. Richard actually lived in Wisconsin and when he left on his mission my dad was his Bishop - small world. Richard was also my Sunday School teacher - at least according to him and my mom. I have no memory of it but Richard says he remembers me! Not sure that is a good thing!! I guess we use to give him a hard time in class so that he would turn red. It's better to not remember everything I think!

Richard and Tamara dated years ago, before they went on their missions and right after. Richard had actually proposed years ago. It is a sweet love story how they reconnected!

One of Tamara's friends had made a beautiful selection of homemade cakes for the event. Of course I took pictures and asked for the recipes.

Not only were the cakes yummy but the presentation was pretty too.

I loved the little sign that told you what type of cakes they were.

My favorite was the lemon! Yum!

There was also a yummy raspberry cake.

A Red Velvet one...

And two types of chocolate - dark and milk chocolate.

More about the wedding day next.

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treber13 said...

Thanks Leigh Anne for capturing all these fun memories for us. You have such a way with your pictures. My dear friends Marty and Karen did amazing wonders with the food. Marty made all the cakes from scratch.