Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.

The kids arrived home on Tuesday evening. I let Tessa skip school on Wednesday so she could spend some time with the kids before her ballet rehearsals/shows. We did some Christmas shopping and had pizza at our favorite place down on NW 23rd.

Later that day Tessa went off to ballet rehearsal downtown and the boys headed to the Blazer game. Cali and I went to see the movie Australia which I loved. How can watching Hugh Jackman for 3 hours be anything but wonderful!? We did some cooking on Wednesday too to get ready for the next day.

There was lots of cooking going on at our house on Thursday.

Whose apron do you like better - Leigh Anne's or Jim's?

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with my folks and our friends the Jensens. Lots of yummy food, some ball games and a fun game of cards. Grandma gave gravy making lessons to all of us.

That evening we went to see the movie Four Christmas' which I DO NOT recommend. I love Reese Witherspoon but the movie was a disappointment.

Friday we tried to stay away from Black Friday but Logan and I went out and did a bit of shopping and got some great deals. My Christmas shopping is now done and wrapped! I love it~

Tessa headed downtown at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning and was there until 9:00 p.m. at the theater for tech rehearsal and two performances - 2:30 and 7:30.

Jim and Clark went to the Friday matinee and Cali had a date with Jameson during the day. We met up downtown during Tessa's dinner break and had dinner in the Pearl District at PF Changes - good tip - PF Changs has half price appetizers from 3- 6 everyday. We enjoyed a yummy dinner of appetizers for cheap!

Cali and I also watched them light the big tree in Pioneer Square with a million other people all jammed together on the street!! I am a little too claustrophobic for those type of things!

After dinner the boys headed to another Blazer game - the boys had their new Blazer Roy and Oden jerseys on. Cali and I went to Tessa's evening performance. Of course Tessa was the cutest can can dancer in the show!!

Saturday had Tessa heading downtown early again for another long day. - two more shows.

The boys got the lights up on the house and all the Christmas decorations out of the attic.

We ran some errands and got some things done around the house. Clark headed south to Corvallis to join Hannah and some of her friends at the Civil War game (Oregon State vs. U of Oregon) Clark had his new Beaver shirt

Unfortunately the Beavers lost - sorry Hannah!!

The rest of us went to the evening performance of Tessa's ballet and then enjoyed dessert together downtown afterwards.

Sunday we got up early to have a family picture taken. Sarah Kang was going to take it on Wednesday but had to leave town unexpectedly for a funeral so Sunday morning was the only time we could do it. We headed out to Forest Grove to take the pictures at Pacific University - the farther out we got the foggier it got and we ended up in a huge fog bank!!! We had to come up with Plan B for the picture as the campus was totally socked in fog! We found another pretty area and took them there. Hopefully they turned out!

We went home, changed clothes and headed to Bethany Ward Sacrament meeting to hear Jordan Theurer's homecoming talk. He just returned from Argentina. He is great and had a wonderful mission!

After that we drove up to Longview to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Rich and family. Jim and Clark left early to head down to the airport for Clark to return to school and work on Monday. Logan and Cali leave later today.

The kids helped me decorate the tree this morning so the decorating has begun!!

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