Monday, October 27, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Logan IM'd me today to say he had checked the blog 10 times today and why wasn't it updated?!

Well, we've been having technical difficulties around here. Last night when I was just about ready to sit down to post we lost power. Our whole neighborhood lost power - it was windy last night but not sure really why the lights went out. Our home teachers arrived during this time too so we had a visit by candle light - very romantic! The lights went back on in time to go to bed.

Tessa was getting worried about getting ready for school in the morning and what she was going to do if she couldn't use her blow dryer.

This evening I just finally sat down to do a post and my laptop just up and died! All my photos for the post are on the laptop so until I can access them - no post again - except for this one to tell you why there is no post!.

I called my computer guy and he thinks my charger died and he might have one that will work so he is coming over later tonight.

So, barring any more technical difficulties I will post tomorrow!

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