Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Kid Update

I think Cali is having way too much fun at school! The pictures from last week's activities are evidence of that. One draw back from rolling around in blue foam on the grass is you get bit by bugs - Cali ended up with what we think were numerous bug bites on various parts of her body this week!!

There were more Homecoming activities. Both Cali and Clark went to see Logan in Homecoming Spectacular and Cali went on a big group date to one of the Homecoming dances.

Cali and Logan went to the BYU Homecoming football game (it was too cold for Clark so he sold his ticket, bought a pizza and watched it from his apartment!)

Logan doesn't usually get to attend the football games because of Young Ambassador practice but Randy let them out early so they could go to the game - thanks Randy!
A group of girls from Cali's dorm had a group date with a group of buys from their ward and went to one of the Homecoming dances. Here are the group of girls from Hinckley Hall ready for their date - it was a casual dance so they wore jeans.

They had dinner together before - according to Cali she went with "some random guy from Finland" - or at least that is what her text said.

In between sessions of Saturday conference Clark enjoyed a drive up the Alpine Loop with some friends

Clark - always trying to impress the girls!

I have no explanation for this picture - found it on Cali's Facebook page - any explanation Cali????? (just in case you don't recognize her - that is Cali on the left!)

Logan - sorry there are no pictures of you but your facebook page is quite boring!! (Where I have to go to see what my children are up to!)
How about a picture of that new girlfriend of yours, I mean those new golf clubs you just bought!!!

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Emily said...

I would love to hear the story behind Cali's pictures also those are amazing! Clark is a smart boy, it was really cold here.