Friday, September 5, 2008

Utah Road Trip

I have finally found a few minutes to update you on our road trip to Utah. We had a great time and everything went pretty smooth.

We loaded up the car early Wednesday morning and hit the road with myself, Cali, Tessa, Grandma Best, and neighbor Debbie and her daughter Hannah. We had a car full and the cartop carrier came in handy. Fortunately the majority of Cali's stuff was already in Utah having driven down with Clark the week earlier.

The drive down was uneventful. The only near crisis we had was when we had to stop for gas the first time and I realized I HAD TO PUMP IT! Having lived in Oregon for the last 26 years I haven't had to pump gas very much since it is illegal to do so here! I knew I could handle it though.

I jumped out of the car and went to it - except I couldn't get the gas nozzle to fit into the hole - fortunately Debbie also got out of the car and informed me that i was trying to put diesel into my car - thank goodness they make that nozzle bigger!!! Diseaster averted!! We were soon full of gas again (not really soon as it takes a while and alot of $$$$ to fill a 42 gallon tank!) and we were on our way.

We arrived in Provo about 8 p.m. at our hotel and the girls quickly unpacked and headed to the pool. Jim had arrived several hours earlier as he had flown in - he arranged some business appointments for Thursday and Friday and then flew home on Sunday - lucky guy!

Thursday grandma and Debbie headed to Salt Lake to work in the Family History Center and the rest of us got Cali moved into her dorm. We manage to fit all of her clothes into her room (including the 3 large bins of clothes under her bed).

We then headed to the bookstore where we picked up Cali's textbooks and 3 pairs of red shoes for Debbie and Hannah! We also all bought BYU t-shirts so we would be properly dressed for the game on Saturday.

We managed to eat our way through Utah Valley during our time there.

We experienced our first Jay Dawgs

And of course there was Cafe Rio and Bajios. For old times sake we had to eat at Brick Oven Pizza (formerly Heaps Pizza in our day)

And a trip to Dear Lizzie's in Highland for lunch for the girl's was a must! We needed some of those yummy sugar cookies - unfortunately they didn't have any cupcakes that day.

We also discovered a couple of new places in American Fork - a bakery called Dippidees - amazing cakes and then a fun deli called Flower Girls and Dough Boys - yummy sandwiches!

We also managed a trip to Ikea to pick up a few things for Cali and then to Tai Pan Trading to pick up a few things for mom. Debbie and I managed to fill the space in the car left from Cali's things with what we bought at Tai Pan!!

After dinner at Brick Oven on Friday night we all headed back to the pool at the hotel. The girl's had so much fun playing with Jacki and so did Logan as you can see!

Becca joined us for dinner and swimming too and they had fun making silly hairdos on Tessa!

Saturday for was BYU Football -

We all roasted on the metal bleachers in the 97 degree heat but had a good time and the Cougar's won! Yeah. We were glad Grandma decided to stay back at the hotel.

Logan was helping his friend Lane who is the videographer for the team she got to be down on the sidelines walking around with him. He enjoyed dinner with the team before hand - provided by Tucano's, his favorite restaurant, got to meet Lavelle Edwards in the elevator and then stood in the tunnel as the team ran out - he was in heaven.

After the game we went to dinner with David, Tricia, Wynn, Teresa, Wynn, Emily, Brendy, Marcus, Jacob and our crew at Los Hermanos - yummy and fun.

We said our goodbyes to Cali Saturday night as we were heading back to Portland early Sunday morning. Of course I cried! From all report she is doing great and I am trying to control my phone calls and text messages to her - she made me promise to keep it to 3 a day!!

We were home less than an hour Sunday night when Tessa announced - It's too quiet around here! I agree with her.

Clark was at the game too with some friends from his ward. Both boys got moved into their apartments over the weekend too. Logan's was a mess and they had to spend hours cleaning it and getting it ready to move in.


linda said...

I enjoyed your recap...and boy does it look like our week a few weeks back!

Cali's room looks like a typical dorm room...SMALL. Does she have a roommate somewhere in there too?

I know you cried, you're her sweet mom! I'm proud of myself, I only cried half the way home this time!

Tamara said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on all your wonderful family adventures. I understand about the QUIET HOME. Thanks for the suggestions on fun eating places. Good Luck Logan, Clark, and Cali on your next exciting semester at BYU! GO COUGARS!!!!! (Class of 75)

Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family adventures with us! Thanks for the suggestions on fun places to eat. I certainly do understand about the QUIET HOME. . . . .Good Luck Logan, Clark, and Cali on an exciting next semester. GO COUGAS! (Class of 75)

Emily said...

Having your family in town was just too much fun! We hope that it happens a little more often this year. If you ever need some noise, just give us a call and you can have your pick of voices to listen too :)