Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OSU - Go Beavers!

Monday I allowed Tessa to skip school - and before I receive comments from my other three children telling me I NEVER would have let them do that - you're probably right but I'm old now and there have to be some perks to being the last child at home - the child who has to spend 3 years all by herself with her boring, old parents!!!

Caitie, Hannah's sister, and Tessa drove down to OSU Monday morning. They checked out Hannah's room


They then took a tour of the campus, including Reser's Stadium - go Beavers

They ate lunch at the school food court and then had pizza before heading back home.

Now that both of Tessa's sisters have left for college I am sure she would appreciate all your phone calls, text messages and prayers as she becomes the "only child"!!!


Melinda said...

Great idea! She looks so happy!

I echo your sentiments about siblings needing to stay in touch. Josh and Michael? I KNOW that you read this blog! Sniffing around for news about your old HS friends! Call, FB, email or text Daniel! Mom wouldn't mind some communication either!

Can't wait to see Tessa in the play!

Logan said...

Mom, your right you never let us skip school...but dad did. I think he pulled me out to go skiing, to mariners and I think he pulled us out early once to even go golfing. Remember this is how we got awarded for having good grades.