Sunday, June 15, 2008

Get Ready Week

I can sum up this past week's activities in 5 words - Getting Ready for Girl's Camp. There are piles of stuff all over the house - ready to be loaded into the Suburban and carted off to Girl's Camp tomorrow. Everything from a bed board(so us old ladies don't fall through the bunkbeds), a piano made out of a refrigerator box (how is that going to fit into my car?) cave woman costumes and piles and piles of other stuff.

Cali is a KIT (Kounselor in Training) this year (she will be Tessa's counselor) and she has tons of stuff and I have a car load with all my Destiny things. Hopefully we will all fit!

The weather the past few days has been beautiful so we are saying lots of prayers that it will continue through the week.

I thought I had most of my Destiny presentation done when the girl's asked - "You have lots of visual aids - right?" Well I had a couple but decided since it seemed to be so important to them I better take it up a few notches!! I now have lots of great visual aids and handouts!

I'll share more about our Destiny theme and topic next week as I don't want the girls to read this and spoil it for them.

We've also been busy making "Camp appropriate" shorts - Tess and her friend decided they need the word KIT across their rear ends so I have to applique those on yet. Just for the record I HATE clothing that has words plastered across the backside!! Who wants more attention brought to that area!

Tessa survived finals and the end of school this past week so it is now officially summer for everyone at our house! Cali got registered for her classes at BYU too.

There were three more grad parties this weekend but I think we have finally seen the end of them!!

We had a neighborhood party in the cul de sac on Friday to celebrate the last day of school .

Saturday Jim and I went to the temple with the other Destiny leaders in the morning and then went on the Garden Conservancy Garden tour - we saw some great gardens and now I'm anxious to get to work on ours! Jim may be sorry he let me go!!

Saturday night Cali's ballroom group had a dance recital. We decided to go late so we wouldn't have to sit through all the little tiny kids and made it just in time - the dance before theirs.

We are celebrating Father's Day with a Strawberry/Cream Cheese pie and steaks!

Boy Update:

Clark is in Provo - hanging out, golfing, working and doing homework - pretty much his typical routine. He has decided since he is coming home for the summer he would rather spend his money on golfing than on dating.

Logan and Becca drove to St. George this weekend to see Les Mis. This last week was Becca's birthday so Logan made her a fun gift (a wooden tic tac toe board) and went to dinner with her family. We are looking forward to both boys coming home for the 4th of July and we are excited that Becca is coming too! Jim has met her but the rest of us haven't.

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