Monday, April 7, 2008

Asking and Answering

Remember the olden days - when a boy wanted to ask a girl to Prom they would just call her up on the phone or stop her in the hall at school and say "Hey - how'd you like to go to Prom with me?" and then the girl would say "I'd love to - or - No, get lost loser!". Well - those days are gone.

This week was the big "Asking and Answering" week. We knew Cali was going to prom and we knew who with (Jameson) but they still went through the "Asking and Answering" ritual. They told me that was the fun part!

Cali has been a little obsessive lately about getting tan for Prom - her dress is a pale pink and she didn't want to look washed out. Jameson spent Spring Break in Palm Desert so came home quite tan. Cali spent Spring Break in Seattle and Portland and she DID NOT get tan.

Given Cali's obsession with getting tan Jameson came over one night after she had gone to bed and with Tessa's help set up the following beach scene in the upstairs hallway and girl's bathroom. I woke her in the morning to see it and there was Hawaiian beach music playing that he had left too. How cute!

He also left a bottle of self-tanner with the following note - "I know how much you want to be tan like me....So I thought I'd bring you back a little sunshine from the Palm Desert." The bottle of self tanner had a picture on it and the word "Prom?"

To answer Jameson, Cali set up a fun scene with a very suntanned Barbie that said she'd love to go to Prom.

Prom is this Saturday - we have the dress, the shoes, the hair appointment - just need the jewelry - so a trip to Forever Love is on the schedule this week.

Kids Update - The highlight of the girl's week was going to the Rascal Flats concert Friday night - they loved it. I think they were even more excited that Taylor Swift was the first act. They went with Hannah and Caitie Osborne. They even made matching tie-dye t-shirts to wear - aren't they cute!

Logan took a day off from school and work this week to go skiing with buddy Peter and ended up with a great sunburn. He and his yet to be named date went to the afternoon session of conference on Saturday and had a picnic before the session - his "yet to be named date" had helped interpret at the morning session of Conference. He then met his roommates for the Priesthood session, he spent the night in SLC.

Logan's big news is that he has been asked to be the President of Young Ambassadors next year - he wasn't planning on doing YA's but that changed when this opportunity was given to him. Mom is excited because this means he will be touring part of Europe (Scandinavia) next year and she is hoping to go along! Dad is excited because it means his tuition is paid for next year so instead of 3 college tuitions there will only be 2!

Clark has been busy working and studying getting ready for finals. He went up to SLC Friday night and spent the night at a roommates house and watched the morning session. They had a halo session Friday night. He then headed back to Provo for the rest of the weekend. We are getting excited that he is coming home for a week this month (in between semesters)!
Leigh Anne and Jim's week were pretty much the same - work, work and more work. Leigh Anne enjoyed a trip to the temple with the Stake RS this week. For YW's activity we made some cute personality collages using a painting canvas. The girls brought pictures, scrapbooking stuff, etc that reflected their personality. They all turned out cute and unique - just like the girls!

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linda said...

Ah yes, prom. All in all, my daughter went to about 11 prom/formals. Funny, now that it's prom miss all of the commotion that it caused. There were times when we had 10+ couples, their parents, siblings, grandparents, name our house for picures before the big event. Someone mentioned to me that I must have the most photographed fireplace in town...funny but true!

One year we even catered and served dinner here for all of the kids. What fun times and great memories for the kids...and parents!

Those 11 prom/formals don't even count the ones my son went know what I have 4 kids!

I hope Cali has a great time at prom!