Monday, April 21, 2008

All About the Boys

Well - I've decided that this blog post will be all about the boys - well almost all about the boys - because right now the boy's lives are alot more interesting than mine.

That's pretty pathetic since the boys had "dead week" last week and finals this week - but they do have a social life!

Lately life around here has been pretty humdrum - work, school, church, carpool - repeat. Really not much to report...

I do have a new calling at church though that I am very excited about! I have been called to be a Destiny Leader at Girl's Camp. For those of you who don't know - Destiny is the "spiritual" part of camp. They go to Destiny each day where a spiritual lesson is presented. There are four leaders and we each take a day. I am especially excited because this will be the last year that both girls will be at Girl's Camp together and I get to be there all week with them!!

Our friends the Kangs - the family with 5 adorable little girls who came for Easter dinner - had their 6th adorable little girl this week. I took dinner into them Friday night and Lilly is just as darling as her sisters!

I also attended a Relief Society mid week activity where we made darling hair bows and tutu's. Everyone kept asking me who I was making them for as they figured my girls were too old and the tutu's wouldn't fit the boys! Told them I had some special little girls in mind for them and after an "intensive" work week putting together a huge project I need a little creative release!

Add Scripture Study, a trip to the pediatrician to get the girls immunized, a trip to the dentist to have a chipped tooth repaired, visiting teaching, a couple of conference calls, Young Woman's activity where we helped 25 girl's sew shorts!, an American Mother's Board Meeting, a 3 hour camp meeting Friday and a two hour camp meeting Sunday in addition to preparing my YW's lesson I guess I kept busy!

So - back to the boys - this post was suppose to be all about them - right?

They are surviving finals and final projects. We are so anxious for Clark to come home on Wednesday (his birthday) We are just sad that Jim and I will miss most of his visit as we will be in Marco Island on a CM trip -(although we are not sad that we will be in Florida - we can't wait to see the sun - it snowed here Saturday morning!) The girls will be here though and they will have a great time. I have stocked the house with food (according to Clark's specific requests) and Grandma has agreed to be the family cook. We will have two days home with Clark before he goes back.

Back to me for a minute - this week I also put together a new Clark/Wilkes family recipe blog for us to share our favorite recipes - check it out at Our Family Cooks All you Clark/Wilkes family members out there reading this - -please send me recipes to post!!!

Besides studying for finals Logan also kept busy with Young Ambassador auditions - as the incoming president he participates in the selection process for next year's group - they had over 250 audition I think - that's a lot of songs to listen too. I know there are a couple of songs that were sung alot that he hopes he never hears again!

The Young Ambassador's head off to Australia on Saturday!

Clark celebrated his birthday with some of his roommates and friends Saturday night with a trip to the Olive Garden.

Logan celebrated his birthday on Friday with a lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with a bunch of friends and then a fun party up in the canyon Friday night where they made tin foil dinners, had a fire and watched a movie on a projector.
Clark joined them too.

Thanks to Becca for her efforts in making Logan's birthday special and celebrating with him.

Aren't my birthday boys handsome!

Good job on the cake Clark - it's huge!!!

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Logan said...

Mom, for a post that is all about the boys there sure is a lot about you!!!!