Monday, March 10, 2008

Toe Talk

We've had a lot of Toe Talk going around here this last week.

Cali's show, 'Into the Woods" opened this week so we have spent ALOT of time at the high school. We were there (Jim, LA and Cali) until 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night, the night before opening working on the set which was WAY behind.

I had fun coloring in one of the books (large, life size books) that they use in the opener. I got to color in the design on the cover of the book with a black sharpie! Fun!

Toe Tale #1

Back to the toe - Cali plays the part of Florinda, one of Cinderella's step sisters. In one of the scenes, where Florinda is trying on the "golden slipper" (not glass) her mother proceeds to cut off one of her toes to make the shoe fit. This is the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella - not Disney!

After squeezing her bloody foot into the shoe she rides off with the Prince on his horse, until the Prince notices the bloody foot and begins to gag (he has an aversion to blood). Cali does a great job playing up the part and Jameson (the Prince) is a good gagger - you think he's going to puke right there on the stage. This is one of the funnier scenes in the show.

Toe Tale #2 -

Several weeks ago I began having a lot of pain in one of my toes (the second smallest, to be exact) I thought maybe I had bruised it or even broken it but I couldn't remember hurting it (that is no indication though that I didn't as my memory isn't great these days!)

Everytime I put a shoe on the pain increased and it was sore to touch. I wanted to cut off my toe!

Finally I called our friend Dr. Larry, the podiatrist and I went over to his house for him to look at it. He informed me I had developed a large callous between the two toes because of the shoes I wear (high heels, pointed toes)

He proceeded to cut out the callous, creating quite a deep crater in the side of my toe. It felt better.

After a couple of days though the pain was still there and increasing. Sunday morning I woke up in such pain I could barely walk and it hurt to even have the sheet touching my toe. I found a pair of sandals I could get my foot into for church and limped my way around church all morning.

Dr. Larry then paid a housecall Sunday evening and told me I had an infection in the toe . He wrote me a perscription and then told me I could not wear any shoes that would "squeeze" my toes together for 3-5 days!

If you know me, and you know what kind of shoes I wear, you know that ALL my shoes "squeeze"my toes together. I am not known for wearing comfortable shoes! I have the scars on my feet to prove it.

So guess what I am wearing for the rest of the week - these lovely slippers!

And if the weather stays nice at least I can wear these! I need a pedicure if i'm going to wear these!

I will NOT be wearing these!

No more shoes like this for me - at least for a while!


Dave Wilkes said...

Your little toes don't even fit on your flip flops!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

It must be those HUGE size 5 feet I have!

linda said...

A deep crater...ouch! I hope the medicine kicks in soon!

Way cute shoes by the way...all of them.

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


Antiobiotics are wonderful things -my toe feels SO MUCH better today. I can walk without constant pain. I was even tempted to put on some of my pointy shoes but figure I better not press my luck and stuck with sandals. Although, it wasn't nearly as nice here in Oregon today as it sounds like it was where you live. We had rain today:(