Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is Dad There?

I always know there is a problem when one of the boys calls and the first thing they say is "Is dad there?" So when Clark called Saturday morning I knew there was a problem. "So what's wrong Clark" was my response. He then asked me if I knew what the license plate number was on the boy's Volvo.

"No - why Clark?"
"I think someone might have stolen the car."
"There was a set of Oregon license plates on the ground in the parking lot and the car is gone."
"Did you call Logan - does he have the car?"
"I can't get a hold of him".

Since Jim was at the gym at a spinning class I told Clark I'd go look for the title and call him back. I found the title and fortunately the plates were not ours so I figured Logan must have the car. He did. He had to be at the recording study early Saturday morning to record his YA songs so he had picked it up late the night before and didn't want to wake Clark. Told Logan to text Clark the next time to let him know!

We had a "taste of Utah" this morning when I made "Buttermilk Syrup" from Magleby's and French Toast - so good!!! If you don't have the recipe check out my other blog later this week for it -

This was a pretty low key week at our house - maybe, dare I say, even a little boring! The rain has finally stopped but it is COLD and the news is predicting a real cold spell this week!
After being gone for 6 nights Jim was home all week - he spent most of his time in his "man cave" - what we affectionately call his office but came out for the occasional meal and ballgame. He's headed out of town again this week for 4 nights.

The girls were busy in school - it was dead week so lots of studying and getting ready for finals. Musical rehearsals started for Cali so that keeps her busy after school and she is fighting a head cold so doesn't have much of a voice. Tessa is back to dance and her feet hurt!

I've got the 'organizational bug" and have spent quite a bit of time cleaning out cupboards and drawers! There is a group of woman in our Stake that hold a weekly scripture study group that I started attending this week and I went to lunch with my Beach Babe friends and a birthday lunch for my friend Jane - as well as an Auction Committee Recap dinner - so you can see I ate well this week! The rest of the family always knows when I've eaten out for lunch because dinner can be a little on the slim side. Other than that my week was full of lots of conference calls and work.

Jim and I started back to our ballroom dance class - this session is Waltz. We didn't do too bad considering we had missed the first class last week although we just could not figure out that right hand turn!

MORP (Prom spelled backwards) - which is the girl ask boy dance is coming up so Cali asked Jameson to go with her. She used a cute scavenger hunt and used clues that went along with their roles in the school musical - she is one of Cinderella's step sisters and he is Cinderella's prince. His response was cute too - I've included a picture of the cute shoes he decorated and left with clues here at the house. In the show Cali cuts off her toe so that it will fit into the glass slipper - so his answer "yes" was wrapped around a fake toe inside the shoe! He made the toe out of playdoh and even painted the toe nail! Now I just need to get busy and modestify her dress!

For the musical Cali has 4 costume changes. Fortunately only one of them has to be made from scratch - the ballgown which has about 15 yards of fabric in it! I got it started on Saturday but I have some major work to do!!
We are having a Jane Austen love fest this week - watching the Jane Austen festival on Masterpiece Theater each Sunday evening, now through April and I got Mansfield Park from the library which is a 6 hour BBC mini-series that I am watching this week and I'm reading Emma by Jane Austen! Go Jane!
Boy Update:
Both boys are busy with school and work. Clark is at a cabin in Bear Lake this weekend with a group of kids from his ward. He assured me there were parents there so he wasn't breaking the BYU Honor code (Brooke is there too) He was a good boy and called to check in with me when he got there. They should have fun playing in the snow. There is no school on Monday so they will stay until then.
Logan and two of his buddies put on a dance in downtown Provo this weekend and made some good money. For one of his classes Logan has to find a non-profit organization to do some PR work for - he will be working with the Provo Library with one of their programs that involves English as a Second Language so that should be fun since he can use his Spanish. That on top of his other classes, YA and his internship keep him out of trouble. He is looking forward to going snowshoeing with a group from his ward tomorrow
love you all!

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