Friday, October 5, 2007

Tip of the Week

So -this is what you do when your teenage daughter's friend leaves a t-shirt covered in wet paint (a Thespian bonding activity) in the back seat of her car and then your teenage daughter (who shall remain nameless) throws her nice winter coat in the backseat, forgetting the t-shirt with wet paint is there, right on top of the shirt!!

You get on the internet and google - paint removal from fabric - and viola you get the answer -HAIRSPRAY! So I gave it a try and half a can of hairspray later the majority of the paint is out of the coat and it is still wearable - yeah!! You never know when this piece of info may come in handy!


Tyson said...
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clark Wilkes said...

Way to go Tess, and you call Cali a ditz.

The Jim Wilkes Family said...

Actually Clark - it was Cali not Tessa!