Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sad Mama!!

Alright - it is still just less than a year away before Cali leaves for college but I am already getting emotional over it. Tuesday evening Jim, Cali and I went to a CES fireside to hear about the church schools, enrollment etc. So - I was doing fine until they showed a video clip of kids moving into their dorms and saying goodbye to their kids - I lost it! Then the thought of my sweet little girl turning 18 this week is just about enough to put me over the edge! Cali also took the ACT for the last time this Saturday and she is starting the college application process - I hope I survive all of this! I know I have been through this before with the boys (and I didn't do too great then either) but there is something about having your daughter go off to college - oh my - think Jim better have a nice surprise planned for me after we drop Cali off at college to keep me from having a total breakdown! (hint, hint Jim!)

Friday I flew down to Napa, California for a Women's Retreat. It was put on by a business coach I have worked with in the past and she asked me to do a presentation at her retreat on "Making Your Home a Haven". We stayed in a darling little house in Napa and the weather was beautiful. Saturday afternoon we went to a state park and climbed up a hill that had an incredible view of the valley and the vineyards with all the beautiful fall colors. My presentation went well and it was nice to get a little time away (love you guys!)

It was a wild weekend to be gone and Jim did a good job of holding down the fort. Friday night was a high school football game - Westview was undefeated so far this whole season but lost to Jesuit Friday night. Tessa went to the game with friends and Jim went with friends Larry and Marsha Jensen. Cali stayed home to prepare for the ACT and her NATS competition which was also the next day - proud of you Cali!!

Saturday morning Cali had to be at the school early to take the ACT. After that Jim drove her out to McMinnville (an hour away) to Linfield College to sing in the NATS (not sure what it stands for but it is the association of voice teachers) competition - she sang three songs. I was so sad not to get to hear her but Jim said she did great! Jim also had to drive Tessa to dance so he got a dad workout on Saturday.

It was Stake Conference for us so Jim went to the adult meeting on Saturday night and the girls had a morningside Sunday morning before the main session.

I flew home from California this morning and got home around noon. Unfortunately I left my cell phone in the rental car but fortunately someone turned it in and they mail it to me!

We are getting ready for Cali's big 18th birthday party next weekend - wish you all could be here to help us celebrate. We made a cute invitation tonight so thought we'd share it with you! I know she'd love to have some birthday wishes this week - you can email her at

Boy Update:

Good news - Clark got a job. He will be working from 3-6 each day at a BYU call center. I think they answer questions from people having a hard time navigating the BYU website. Clark had some male bonding time Friday night with some of his old freshman roommates where to quote Clark they "ate a lot of meat and laid on the couch"! Saturday Clark was asked to Preference (the girl ask boy date) and the dance was held on a train that went up to Heber and back.

Logan had a busy week with school and rehearsal(show opens next Friday) and he was a bachelor this weekend. Shayla went home to see her sister's show so Logan helped his friend Mark Boothe out Friday night and DJ'd a dance. Saturday was rehearsal and then he went to a Young Ambassador Progressive Dinner Halloween Party. He dressed up like a cowboy - easy way out Logan!

Thanks to Wynn and Emily Logan and Clark were well fed today - thanks!!!!

When I got home tonight I had a little bit of a "cooking bug" after not cooking for a couple of days so I tried a new cookie recipe and to quote Tessa they were "absolutely amazing"! I'll post the recipe later in the week on my blog - check it out later in the week!

Leigh Anne is so excited to see her boys the end of this week. Jim has business in Salt Lake the end of the week and he had a frequent flier ticket on Southwest so I get to go with him!! Yeah!! We will see the opening night of Logan's show Friday night.
Make it a Great Week!

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