Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Well, we all got a good laugh last night - as soon as Cali told me what had happened she said "Don't put it on the blog" As soon as Tessa heard what had happened she said, "You've got to put that on the blog!" Well - with Cali's permission I am putting it on the blog!! Want to hear??

Cali was making a phone call to our neighbor to let her know she wasn't able to babysit. The neighbor wasn't home so Cali was leaving a message. At the end of the message Cali said, "In the name of Jesus Christ...." realizing what she was saying she hurried and said goodbye. Well we all just howled! It was SO funny. Cali was a little embarassed but she laughed too.

After I got to thinking about it I was grateful - I was grateful that those words come so easily to Cali's lips. Each morning as she gets up and each evening as Cali goes to bed if you were to peek into her room, you would see her kneeling (sometimes on top of the bed, sometimes on the floor) saying her prayers.

Two years ago Cali was in an automobile accident and a 40lb. stereo speaker smashed into her head giving her a bad concussion. They say that when someone has a concussion that they will say some pretty wild things (that their true personality comes out) well, on the long ride to the hospital (they were turned away by two different hospitals because they were full , it was Friday the 13th and a full moon) Cali kept saying over and over again - "we need to say a prayer, we need to say a prayer." Her friend who was with her (an LDS girl) would say a prayer with her. As soon as they would finish she would repeat her request - "We need to say a prayer..."

So I am grateful that the words "In the name of Jesus Christ..." come easily to Cali's lips - even at the end of a phone conversation! I love you Cali!!

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